Daily Word: Can Gonzaga do enough to earn a tournament berth?

Each weekday, our college hoops experts discuss the biggest issues, trends and themes in college basketball.

1. Can Gonzaga get in the NCAA tournament without winning the WCC tournament?

Andy Katz: Maybe. The Zags must beat BYU and would have to lose to Saint Mary's, not Pepperdine. And then, they would still need help. Other bubble teams would have to lose and create the opening. All of that is possible.

Jeff Goodman: I don't see it with the Zags. Just not enough quality wins. When UConn is your best win, that's an underwhelming resume.

Dana O'Neil: Gonzaga is a push at best, with so little in the way of a nonconference resume. The Zags will have to not lose early and hope there aren't a lot of bid thieves in other conferences.

2. For people that don't know much about Saint Mary's, what makes them so good?

Katz: The Gaels are patient and can make shots. And as long as they can disrupt teams, this squad has a chance.

Goodman: Randy Bennett always has guys who shoot the ball -- and this year is no exception. But the surprise is that this is such a young team. Most figured next year would be the year for the Gaels.

O'Neil: The Gaels are a very good offensive team, loaded with good shooters. Most importantly, they're playing with soaring confidence.

3. Who is the player to watch on Monday?

Katz: Kyle Collinsworth. He has a chance to crush the Zags' hopes. The BYU all-everything is extremely difficult to guard and contain. If BYU is going to make a run to the tournament, then Collinsworth will likely be the reason.

Goodman: Gonzaga point guard Josh Perkins. The Zags have a terrific frontcourt with Kyle Wiltjer and Domantas Sabonis -- but Perkins has to play well. Especially since BYU's Kyle Collinsworth is one of the best floor leaders in the country.

O'Neil: A.J. English. Iona is back in the MAAC championship game against rival Monmouth, and if Iona is going to actually win the title it will be because of English. He had 29 in the semifinal against Siena and is the sort of player who could become a March darling -- if he can get in the tourney.