Daily Word: Wichita State among those in for a tense Selection Sunday

Each weekday, our college hoops experts discuss the biggest issues, trends and themes in college basketball.

1. Which bubble team has the best case to be included in the NCAA tournament field? Which team should worry the most?

Andy Katz: Wichita State. No bad losses when healthy and a champion of a respected league. Monmouth should sweat. Too many losses to teams not in the field.

Dana O'Neil: To me, Michigan has the best case. The Wolverines have four wins against teams in the RPI top 25 and no bad losses. As for the team that should worry the most, I'd say Syracuse. The Orange's losses to Georgetown and St. John's, plus the quick exit from the ACC Tournament will make for a hard sell to the committee.

Myron Medcalf: I think Monmouth deserves serious consideration for a berth. Wins over USC, Notre Dame and UCLA. Plus, King Rice's squad bullied its league with the exception of that 1-2 record against rival Iona. Monmouth should get in. But Michigan should worry. Wins over Texas, Maryland, Purdue and Indiana in the Big Ten Tournament don't seem sufficient enough to offset the team's struggles throughout the season, although the Wolverines don't have a bad loss.

2. If you were on the committee, would you take into account the games Jim Boeheim missed with suspension when considering Syracuse?

Katz: Yes. Syracuse was a different team without him. But it shouldn't be the deciding factor since the Orange struggled down the stretch.

O'Neil: Frankly, I think it's a moot point. It's not like Syracuse was undefeated or stellar with him as the coach, and if the Orange don't make the tournament it will because of their basketball resume, not the presence or absence of their head coach.

Medcalf: Yes. Definitely. Syracuse responded when he returned. The Orange seemed listless in his absence. He's vital. Can't ignore the difference between the Syracuse squad that played without him and the one that improved once he returned.

3. How many SEC teams belong in the NCAA tournament field?

Katz: Texas A&M and Kentucky. The question is will it be South Carolina or Vanderbilt after that.

O'Neil: Two. Texas A&M and Kentucky. No one else has done enough to merit an at-large bid.

Medcalf: Two. Kentucky and Texas A&M. South Carolina went 0-3 against Georgia this season and also lost at Tennessee and Missouri. Vandy doesn't have a convincing argument, either.