American League will host All-Star Game in '08

DETROIT -- After being played in National League cities in
consecutive years, baseball's All-Star game will return to an
American League site in 2008.

Next year's game will be at PNC Park in Pittsburgh and the 2007
game is scheduled for SBC Park in San Francisco, the former Pacific
Bell Park.

Baseball had alternated leagues each year since 1963, when the
sport abandoned a four-year experiment of having two All-Star games
per season. Commissioner Bud Selig had said he wanted to feature
new ballparks.

"'08 will be an American League city, '10 will be an American
League city," Selig said before Tuesday night's All-Star game at
Comerica Park. "We're going to go back to that."

Selig said the AL may get consecutive games in the future
because it missed out on its turn. He hopes to announce the 2008
site later this year.