Orioles' pacifying of Tejada will take some convincing

The best way for the Orioles to make Miguel Tejada happy? It's to get some other big name to take their money, so their biggest name gets the message it's safe to stay right where he is.

Updated: December 13, 2005, 2:16 PM ET
By Jayson Stark | ESPN.com

Miguel Tejada for Manny Ramirez? Don't bet a $6.9 million condo on it.

Miguel Tejada for Mark Prior? Don't bet a deep-dish pizza on that one, either.

Tejada to the Angels? Tejada to the White Sox? Tejada to the Nationals? Not so likely, either.

Miguel Tejada to stay right where he is? Likely.

The Orioles' spectacular shortstop sure has gotten a lot of people around America worked up with his "time-for-a-change-of-scenery" quotes last week. But there is one team that hasn't ...

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