Ratings up 26 percent from last year

NEW YORK -- Boston's 11-9 victory against the St. Louis Cardinals
on Saturday night got the highest TV rating for the first game of
the World Series since 1999.
Fox Sports' prime-time coverage of the game got a 13.7 fast
national rating, up 26 percent from Game 1 between the Florida
Marlins and New York Yankees last year.
An average of 23.1 million viewers watched the Red Sox win,
making it the most-viewed Game 1 since the opening game of the 1996
World Series between the Atlanta Braves and the New York Yankees
was watched by an average of nearly 23.7 million people.
It was 46 percent higher than the first game in 2002, up 32
percent from 2001's Game 1 and 19 percent better than Game 1 in
Game 1 of the Braves-Yankees World Series in 1999 got a rating
of 14.2 on NBC.
It was the highest-rated Game 1 on Fox, which is broadcasting
the World Series for the fourth straight year, and easily the
highest-rated network program on Saturday night. In fact, it was
the highest-rated Saturday night program on a broadcast network
since January.
The rating is the percentage of all homes with TVs, whether or
not they are in use.