Nomar calls to wish his teammates well

ST. LOUIS -- For a band of players that has embraced each other throughout a season that culminated in the franchise's first World Series title in 86 years, it's only fitting that the Red Sox would keep Nomar Garciaparra close to their hearts.

As if Garciaparra, the shortstop traded three months ago to the Cubs, were the 26th man on the roster, the current members of the Red Sox last month voted him a full postseason share, the Boston Globe reported Tuesday.

The roughly 50 or so full playoff shares are expected to be around $200,000 each.

Garciaparra also hasn't forgotten the Sox. According to the newspaper, he recently called Jason Varitek and Trot Nixon, his closest friends on the team.

"Being the class act that Nomar is, he wished us well," Varitek said. "He's been a tremendous part of this organization through the years, even this year. He's as deserving as all of us to be here."

The Sox ended Garciaparra's 10-year relationship with the team at the July trading deadline, sending him to the Cubs in a four-way deal in which they acquired Orlando Cabrera and Doug Mientkiewicz.

"He wished us well and told me to tell the guys he was thinking about them and was happy for us," Nixon said. "We all understand that certain things happen in baseball you can't control, but for as long as he was with the team and for everything he did, it doesn't feel right that he's not here."

While Cabrera has been a welcomed addition to the Sox, many teammates continue to honor Garciaparra's legacy.

"Nomar was such a big part of getting us to this point and helping this organization," Varitek said. "I'm not taking anything away from the job Orlando has done. I love everything about him. I just wish we could have both of them here."