Fantasy Focus Baseball: The Board

It's the second year of "put it on The Board", and yes the saying is almost trademarked. Will 2009 bring us a Barry Zito Part II? This is the place to vote on who's right, and discuss why.

C. Granderson Over/Under 16 steals.Under20OverNate
Who has more strikeouts?D. Uggla0 - 0ZambranoNate
Who hits more HRs?S. Choo0 - 0J. FrancoeurMatthew
Over/Under HRs for S. Choo (20).Over0UnderPush
Who gets 5 Wins/HRs first?R. Johnson8 - 0A-Rod.Nate
Better Year 5x5 with IP.W. RodriguezJ. GuthrieMatthew
Which of U. Jimenez's stats will be higher?Wins0 - 0HRs AllowedMatthew
Who hits gets more HRs/Wins?J. Francoeur0 - 5E. BedardMatthew
Who has more HR/3B?C. Figgins5 - 3P. FielderMatthew
Jeff Mathis Over/Under .237 BA.Over.000UnderNate
Brad Ziegler Over/Under 30 saves.Over0UnderNate
Better Year 5x5 with IP.Carpenter WainwrightNate
A. Gonzalez hits more than 36.5 HRs.Over0UnderMatthew
Bonifacio hits .008 better than Uggla.Yes.000-.000NoMatthew
Higher PR Value at the end of the year.T. SniderA. LindNate
Who will have more HRs?M. Cabrera0-35Mariners OFNate
B. Wood will hit above .245 in at least 50 AB.OverUnderPush
Higher Player Rating at the end of the year.A. CabreraJ. HardyMatthew
More stolen bases for the season.N. Morgan0-0D. FowlerMatthew
More stolen bases for the season.T. Hunter0-0GrandersonNate
D. Haren finishes the year Top 7 PR.NoYesNate
Over/Under 500 AB for E. Bonifacio*.Over0UnderNate
Over/Under 25 HRs for M. HollidayOver24UnderNate
Over/Under 35 HRs for M. Reynolds.Over44UnderMatthew
Over/Under 10 wins for F. Liriano.Over5UnderNate
Haren has a better 2nd half than Beckett or Lester.Beckett, LesterHarenMatthew
Either Matt Capps or John Grabow gets tradedYesNoMatthew
More Saves from 7/29 on.All Blue JaysS. DownsMatthew
* - Granted he does not get injured for 3+ weeks