Christy Mathewson, who won 373 games during his Hall of Fame career, turned in perhaps the greatest single-series pitching performance in World Series history.
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New York (NL) 4, Philadelphia (AL) 1

Game Scores:
NYG 3, PHI 0 @ PHI
PHI 3, NYG 0 @ NYG
NYG 9, PHI 0 @ PHI
NYG 1, PHI 0 @ NYG
NYG 2, PHI 0 @ NYG

Why the Giants won: Christy Mathewson delivered one of the great World Series performances, throwing three shutouts in six days.

Why the Athletics lost: They hit .155 and scored just three runs in the five games.

Memorable moment: John McGraw's Giants unveil all-black uniforms for the Series.

Key stat: 14. The number of baserunners allowed by Mathewson on just 13 hits and one walk in 27 innings. Only one runner reached third base.