Two of the game's greatest players ever, Detroit's Ty Cobb and Pittsburgh's Honus Wagner, were inducted into the Hall of Fame together as part of the inaugural class in 1936.
Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

Pittsburgh (NL) 4, Detroit (AL) 3

Game Scores:
PIT 4, DET 1 @ PIT
DET 7, PIT 2 @ PIT
PIT 8, DET 6 @ DET
DET 5, PIT 0 @ DET
PIT 8, DET 4 @ PIT
DET 5, PIT 4 @ DET
PIT 8, DET 0 @ PIT

Why the Pirates won: Rookie Babe Adams was the team's surprise Game 1 starter and ended up throwing three complete-game wins.

Why the Tigers lost: Detroit stars Ty Cobb and Sam Crawford combined for nine RBIs, but hit just .241.

Memorable moment: "I'll never forget the look on Adams' face when I told him I wanted him to pitch the opener," said Pirates manager Fred Clarke.

Key stat: .311. The difference in OPS between Pirates star Honus Wagner (.967) and Cobb (.656). Wagner hit .333 with six steals.