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Hot Stove Heater: Fenway or Wrigley?
Which old ballpark is the best in the game? Rob Neyer and SportsNation discuss the topic.

Crasnick: Many players still looking for a job
The list of unemployed free agents is still very long, and many of them have no clue where they'll be when the Grapefruit and Cactus leagues get under way.

Hot Stove Heater: Reyes or Crawford?
Which speedster is the best base stealer in the game? Amy Nelson and SportsNation talk it out.

Hot Stove Heater: Howard or Fielder?
Which young slugger is the best in the game? Jayson Stark and SportsNation discuss the topic.

Hot Stove Heater: Mauer or Martin?
Which young catcher has the bigger upside? Tim Kurkjian and SportsNation talk it out.

Hot Stove Heater: Best division?
Which division is the best in baseball? Jerry Crasnick and SportsNation discuss the topic.

Hot Stove Heater: B.J. or Justin Upton?
Which Upton brother has the bigger upside? Keith Law and SportsNation talk it out.

Hot Stove Heater: Lincecum or Gallardo?
Which young power pitcher has the bigger upside? Rob Neyer and SportsNation discuss the topic.

Hot Stove Heater: Ramirez or Tulowitzki?
Which shortstop under the age of 25 has the bigger upside? Jayson Stark and SportsNation talk it out.

Hot Stove Heater: Chamberlain or Buchholz?
Which young right-handed pitcher has the bigger upside? Jerry Crasnick and SportsNation discuss the topic.

Hot Stove Heater: Santana or Sabathia?
Which left-handed starter is the better pitcher? Tim Kurkjian and SportsNation discuss the topic.

Hot Stove Heater: Beckett or Peavy?
Which right-handed starter is the better pitcher? Rob Neyer and SportsNation discuss the topic.

Hot Stove Heater: A-Rod or Albert?
Which superstar slugger would you choose to start a major league team today? Jerry Crasnick and SportsNation talk it out.

Crasnick: Gonzo is still looking for a job
Luis Gonzalez continues to seek employment. Time will tell if the 40-year-old outfielder gets another opportunity to play.

Crasnick: Players who will be motivated in '08
From Mark Prior to Miguel Tejada to Andruw Jones, some players will be more motivated than usual to perform at a high level in 2008.

Stark: Rumblings and Grumblings
When the heavyweights in the American League raise the bar, do some teams feel the need to try to pole-vault over it? We asked three GMs.

Crasnick: D-backs already have big pieces in place
An Arizona team that posted the best record in the National League in 2007 just got a whole lot more formidable.

Crasnick: Top five, bottom five lineups
Some teams have made major upgrades to their lineups, and others have lost significant parts. Here are the best and worst in baseball.

Allen: Dodgers get a real gem in Kuroda
In Hiroki Kuroda, the Dodgers get a ground-ball pitcher with a special knack for cranking up the intensity in late innings.

Allen: A whole new ballgame for Fukudome
The Cubs won the Kosuke Fukudome bidding with a $48 million deal, and the multiskilled right fielder should be a solid investment.

Law: Top 50 free agentsInsider
Keith Law lists his top 50 free agents, from Alex Rodriguez at No. 1 to Tom Glavine at No. 50.

Crasnick: No shortage of quality center-field options
There are still plenty of high-caliber center fielders on the market. Here's where things stand for the principals.

Olney: Santana talks moving alongInsider
If the Red Sox land Johan Santana, their rotation could be extraordinary in 2008.

Klapisch: Disappearing mojoInsider
Now you see them, now you don't. In a matter of months, the Mets have gone from Series hopefuls to afterthoughts.

Olney: Mitchell report won't bring closureInsider
Time will tell what good can come of the Mitchell report. But don't expect it to answer every question about the steroids era.

Law: Top needs for playoff contendersInsider
Identifying player needs that still must be addressed for 18 clubs with at least an outside shot at a playoff spot in 2008.

Olney: Brewers make the right callInsider
Eric Gagne is an expensive patch-and-fill signing, but it keeps the Brewers in the running for 2008.

Stark: Winter meetings wrap-up
Let's not make a deal. This year's winter meetings featured plenty of interesting chatter and speculation but very little action.

Law: Top prospects in trade talksInsider
The usual suspects have had prospects mentioned in trade talks, but which players are untouchable and which are available?

Olney: Jones heads to HollywoodInsider
It was only a matter of time before the Dodgers made a splashy move and added an impact player. Say hello to Andruw Jones.

Olney: Santana talks far from overInsider
The winter meetings in Nashville are over, but the Johan Santana trade talks still very much loom over the teams involved.

Gammons: Master planInsider
The Tigers do not buy into the concept of a draft slotting system. That's why they have Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis today.

Olney: Dealing for an ace?Insider
Minnesota's Johan Santana has many a big spender drooling, but Oakland's Dan Haren might be the better trade option.

Stark: Tigers are built to win now
Just call them the Yankees of the Midwest. The Tigers have the look of a superpower after a productive -- and fearless -- offseason.

Stark: A tale of two franchises in big deal
The Marlins and Tigers pulled off the first blockbuster of the winter meetings, but that's all the two clubs have in common.

What's the deal?
The Opryland Hotel is buzzing with possibilities. Get the inside scoop on what's happening at the winter meetings in Nashville.

Stark: Plot lines to follow in Nashville
Will Santana or Cabrera get traded? Which free agents will sign? Here are the biggest plot lines heading into the winter meetings.

Olney: Headed to NashvilleInsider
Nashville isn't the media's favorite winter meetings site, but it could be home to some big deals this week.

Gammons: Imbalance of powerInsider
Money talks ... and with each passing day this winter, the gap between the haves and the have-nots grows bigger and bigger.

Crasnick: Mitchell report making for some risky business
The Mitchell report should be released by the end of the year, but how it will impact personnel moves is anyone's guess.

Crasnick: Sizing up the starting pitching market
The starting pitching market remains untapped. Although it's not the strongest crop, there are lots of interesting options available.

Stark: Rumblings and Grumblings
We asked readers to play general manager and make trade proposals. Here's a rundown of their most intriguing suggestions.

Olney: Santana trade isn't a givenInsider
The Johan Santana sweepstakes are heating up, but it will be very tough for the Twins to deal him.

Olney: Angels reshaping their offenseInsider
What did the Angels learn during their ALDS loss? They need an offense to compete with the Red Sox.

Olney: Mad money for LinebrinkInsider
The most stunning move of the offseason so far has been the White Sox's signing of Scott Linebrink to a four-year $19 million deal.

Stark: Rumblings and Grumblings
Several big names have already been traded, and a few more big ones could be moved this offseason. It's a beautiful thing.

McAdam: High-grade arms available via trade
Teams are being driven to the trade market by a thin free-agent pitching class -- but the cost to land an ace won't be cheap.

Crasnick: Boras to escape with little, if any, damage
Agent Scott Boras took a major hit over the Alex Rodriguez opt-out fiasco, but his current reality is less a death blow than an embarrassment.

Boras: Jones isn't going to settle for one-year deal
Despite Andrew Jones' struggles, agent Scott Boras said Tuesday that he does not expect Jones to sign a one-year contract in an effort to rehabilitate his numbers and file for free agency again next winter.

Crasnick: Big payday could soon be in Holliday's future
Whether it's a long-term or short-term deal, a large contract could soon fall into the lap of NL MVP runner-up Matt Holliday.

Olney: Lowell close to re-signing with BostonInsider
Assuming that the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed without a final hangup, the heavy lifting of three major players in the AL East is just about done.

Olney: Braves looking good for '08Insider
Tom Glavine and the Braves are close to finishing his deal, which means that Atlanta's rotation should look something like this.

Law: Some valuable players on the trading blockInsider
One team's trash may be another's treasure. Here are 10 players -- out of favor with their clubs -- who are viable trade candidates.

Olney: Goodbye, BarryInsider
All roads lead to infamy for Barry Bonds. Even if he is cleared of the charges, his playing days are likely finished.

McAdam: Red Sox favor three-year deals for vets
Don't expect the Red Sox to offer Mike Lowell a four-year contract. They fear paying premium money for declining performance.

Olney: Tigers off to fast startInsider
It's not suprising that the Tigers have addressed their offseason questions more rapidly than any team in the game.

Olney: New pinstripe suitInsider
Call him Stay-Rod. After having his reputation trashed, Alex Rodriguez is ready to strike a deal with the Yankees.

Olney: Value picksInsider
Looking for a free agent who can make positive contributions without breaking the bank? Here are 10 players to consider.

Allen: Hillman looks to restore winning tradition in K.C.
Turning the Royals around won't be easy, but after managing in Japan, new skipper Trey Hillman is used to overcoming challenges.

Olney: Orioles plan to rebuild
Expect some new faces in Baltimore next season. After 10 straight losing seasons, the O's are ready to reshape their roster.

Blue Jays willing to listen to Burnett trade offers
Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi told the team is willing to entertain trade proposals for pitcher A.J. Burnett.

Crasnick: Five key offseason questions for GMs
Who'll sign A-Rod? What about Barry Bonds? We surveyed 15 GMs, assistants and other assorted personnel.

Gammons: Wright shouldn't move for A-RodInsider
At 24, David Wright should be well-entrenched at third base for the Mets, regardless of any A-Rod pursuit.

Law: Plenty of options at hot cornerInsider
Led by Alex Rodriguez, there are a number of options to choose from for teams seeking a third baseman this offseason.

Crasnick: Old faces in new GM roles
When it comes to hiring front-office executives, more teams are promoting from within. Just look at five of the eight new GMs.

Gammons: Schilling staying putInsider
Thanks to Curt Schilling's values, the Red Sox don't have to worry about their starting rotation the rest of the winter.

Crasnick: Acquiring Lidge lets Phils start Myers
Acquiring Brad Lidge allows the Phillies to move Brett Myers back to the rotation.

Olney: Lobby talk at the GM meetingsInsider
Two teams who spoke with Team Boras were supposedly told that they had to start their conversations at eight years and $32 million per season.

Crasnick: Offseason trade market likely to be hopping
Expect the GM meetings to be a time for executives to line up trade partners to potentially make moves in the weeks ahead.

Olney: Mets hunting for innings-eaterInsider
The Mets are in need of starting pitching, but they won't find much on the free agent market.

Olney: Padres focusing on center fieldInsider
San Diego will be looking to acquire a center fielder in the offseason, and one possibility could be Andruw Jones.

Vote: What will happen in the offseason?
How will the Yankees fare without A-Rod? Will Barry Bonds sign in 2008? Cast your vote now!

Gammons: Cabrera trade a possibilityInsider
Although Miguel Cabrera is two years from free agency, don't be surprised if the Marlins market him in the offseason.

Kurkjian: Key offseason story lines to watch
The offseason is upon us, and it'll be extremely busy. Here are some key questions for the winter.



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