Jose's brother jailed on probation violation

MIAMI -- Former major leaguer Ozzie Canseco was sentenced to
a year in jail Friday for violating probation stemming from a 2001
barroom brawl.

The twin brother of former slugger Jose Canseco was credited for
158 days served while awaiting sentencing. With other accrued time
off, he could be released in about four months. Once released,
Ozzie Canseco will serve five years' probation.

Ozzie Canseco, 39, pleaded guilty to felony and misdemeanor
battery charges after the Miami Beach brawl. The sentence Friday
was for 364 days.

A routine traffic stop for darkly tinted windows in May led to
his arrest on charges of possessing an illegal anabolic steroid,
driving with a revoked license and possession of drug
paraphernalia. Those charges, plus leaving the county without
consent, violated his probation.

Ozzie Canseco played briefly with Oakland and St. Louis in the
early 1990s. He had a long minor league career and played in Japan.

Jose Canseco was released from jail in August after being held
73 days on charges he violated probation by taking steroids. Those
charges were dropped. He also spent 30 days in jail this year on
other probation violation charges.