Riddle, Griffith charged with murder

PHOENIX -- Two people were charged Monday with first-degree
murder in the death of Cincinnati Reds outfielder Dernell Stenson.

Reginald Riddle, 19, and David Griffith, 20, were charged with
first-degree murder, robbery and kidnapping.

His half-brother Kevin Riddle, 43, was charged with theft,
hindering prosecution and attempted hindering prosecution. Contrary to previous reports, Reginald Riddle was not also charged with hindering prosecution and attempted hindering prosecution.

A fourth suspect in the case, Robert Maye, was being held on
suspicion of hindering prosecution.

Stenson, found dead early Nov. 5, was shot and run over by his
own SUV after suspects robbed him, police say.

According to court records released Monday, Maye told police he
was with his cousin Kevin Riddle when Riddle received a phone call
from Griffith the day Stenson was found dead in a Chandler

Maye and Riddle met Griffith and Riddle's half brother, Reginald
Riddle, at an apartment where Maye told police he found Griffith
hopping on one foot with only one shoe.

The other shoe, according to court records, was found in
Stenson's SUV, which Kevin Riddle was later arrested driving.

Maye, 32, rented a motel room for Reginald Riddle, but after
talking with police, he led authorities to an apartment where he
had previously taken Reginald Riddle, the records say.

Reginald Riddle was arrested there and later admitted
involvement in Stenson's death.

Chandler police believe the motive for Stenson's death was
robbery of the vehicle, said Chandler police spokesman Sgt. Mark

While police said the robbery began at a Scottsdale nightclub,
the events leading up to Stenson's body being found in Chandler
were unclear.

In any event, police said Stenson's hands were bound during the
robbery and that there was an apparent struggle in his vehicle.

Police aren't calling the crime a carjacking because it hasn't
been established that Stenson was in the vehicle when it was
stolen, Franzen said.

He said Stenson was bound and kidnapped during the robbery,
which occurred outside a Scottsdale nightclub. Stenson was later
shot and run over when he tried to escape, Franzen said.

Stenson, 25, was playing in the Arizona Fall League. He was
buried Monday in his hometown of LaGrange, Ga.

The Riddles have declined interview requests made through
Maricopa County jail officials. Griffith and Maye did not
immediately respond to similar requests on Monday.