Mantle's 1957 award sold at auction

NEW YORK -- Mickey Mantle's 1957 MVP award sold for $275,000
Monday night in an auction of items belonging to the family of the
late New York Yankees star.

The hundreds of items -- including other awards, contracts and a
prize watch -- were offered Monday at Madison Square Garden by the
Guernsey's auction house. The items came from the collection of
Mantle's widow and two sons.

The family chose to auction the items to celebrate Mantle's
career and "to share the great treasures and fine heritage with
the millions who adored him," Guernsey's said in a release.

The 1957 MVP award was the priciest of the 300 items, all of
which sold, according to Kim Anello, of Nancy Seltzer and
Associates, a public relations firm working for the auction house.

Mantle's 1962 MVP award sold for $250,000, and his 1956 Silver
Bat batting title award fetched $270,000. Mantle's Hall of Fame
gold watch sold for $9,500.

Also on sale were professional contracts signed by Mantle. His
first one, which gave him a $1,150 bonus and $140 a month to play
for the Independence (Kan.) Yankees in 1949, sold for $55,000. His
last contract, with the New York Yankees in 1968 for $100,000, sold
for $23,000.

The total sale price would be released Tuesday, Anello said.

Mantle died Aug. 13, 1995, in Dallas of liver cancer.