Never even discussed steroids

SAN FRANCISCO -- Victor Conte, founder of BALCO and the man at the center of the steroids controversy swirling around Barry Bonds, among others, denied in the camera's eye Friday that he has ever supplied Bonds with performance-enhancing drugs.

The San Francisco Chronicle had reported that sprinter Tim Montgomery, another Conte client, testified before a federal grand jury that Conte had said he supplied Bonds with steroids.

Speaking to reporters from the courthouse steps Friday, Conte repeated previous denials, but this time on camera, that he had given steroids to Bonds. In fact, said Conte, he has never even discussed the subject of steroids with the Giants slugger.

Conte's statement:

"I want to make a brief statement today basically so that everyone can see that I actually have a voice.

"First of all, I would like to let the world know that I have never given anabolic steroids or any other performance enhancing drugs to Barry Bonds. In fact, I have never even had a discussion about anabolic steroids with Barry Bonds. And that is the truth.

"Secondly, I would like to say that I do very much care about the health of the athletes that I work with. The very reason that we do the comprehensive blood testing on the athletes is to insure their excellent overall health.

"Finally I would to say that if anyone, and I mean anyone, says anything differently than what I am saying here today, they are not telling the truth. And at this point that's all I have to say and maybe my attorney will take a question or two."