Commish: Don't talk about other teams' players

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig told Dan Patrick on ESPN Radio on Monday that he won't fine George Steinbrenner for saying during a recent radio interview he wanted Randy Johnson on the New York Yankees.

Selig said he doesn't want team officials talking about another team's players, but what Steinbrenner did wasn't considered tampering.

The commissioner's office announced July 1 that it would look into possible tampering, and perhaps levying a fine, after Steinbrenner told Sporting News Radio a day earlier that he'd love to see Johnson pitch for the Yankees.

"God, who wouldn't love to have Randy Johnson?" Steinbrenner told the station. "He's a dominator and we'd love to have him. Anybody would love to have him, but I also know that [Diamondbacks owner] Jerry Colangelo is not going to give him away. We'll have to see what happens as the [July 31 trade) deadline gets closer. We'll see. You can never have enough pitching."

Rumors of Johnson's unhappiness with the struggling Diamondbacks hit their zenith last weekend, when the New York Daily News reported that the Big Unit had told Arizona officials he was ready to waive his no-trade clause in order to clear the way for a trade to a World Series contender.

However, both the Yankees and Johnson's agent, Barry Meister, downplayed any movement to trade the three-time Cy Young winner.

"No one has asked us to waive the no-trade," Meister said. "There are no trade discussions going on."

All the same, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman did speak to the Diamondbacks last week, but was told Johnson -- who pitched a perfect game earlier this season -- was not available.