Grace unlikely to be punished for 'technical difficulty'

MIAMI -- Diamondbacks television analyst Mark Grace used
multiple expletives during a broadcast of Arizona's game against
the Florida Marlins.

Team president Rich Dozer said the Tuesday gaffe was regrettable
and blamed an apparent faulty "talk-back" button connecting the
visiting TV booth to the television truck at Dolphins Stadium.

"Through a technical difficulty, I may have offended some
people," said Grace, who apologized during a postgame interview
and promised not to curse again during a broadcast. "If that's the
case, I apologize and I will face any consequences."

Dozer told The Arizona Republic there was "no excuse" for the
cursing during the Fox Sports Net Arizona telecast.

The team president said the Diamondbacks weren't planning
disciplinary action against Grace, who spent his final three years
as a player with Arizona after 13 seasons with the Chicago Cubs.

"We feel terrible about it, and I know Mark is mortified about
it, but it's a tough lesson for us all," Dozer said. "Our mission
is to provide a quality, family atmosphere, and it's unfortunate
something like this happened."

Grace's broadcast partner, Thom Brennaman, offered an on-air
apology shortly after the crew became aware of the cursing.

Diamondbacks spokeswoman Susan Webner told The Associated Press
that the team wasn't releasing a statement about Grace's gaffe.