Bonds won't play again this season, Alou says

The home run chase will wait until next season. Barry Bonds won't play in the San Francisco Giants' final two games, manager Felipe Alou said Saturday.

Bonds has hit five home runs in 42 at-bats since playing for the first time this season on Sept. 12. His 708 home runs are third only to Babe Ruth (714) and Hank Aaron (755).

The slugger had limped at times and tweaked his sore knee playing in the outfield this month. With the Giants eliminated from the playoffs in a loss to the Padres Wednesday, the team had suggested he might avoid further damage by not playing.

Bonds said last week that he'd retire rather than have another surgery on his balky right knee, which he's had operated on three times since January.

"I wouldn't bother. I'd call it quits," Bonds told the Oakland Tribune. "Wait till October next year, then I'd quit. ... A normal person can't go through that and still come back and play. You'd have to wait a year at least."

The outfielder is under contract through 2006.