Mediation yields no agreement in Anaheim case

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- Attorneys for the city of Anaheim and

the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim took a judge's advice and entered

into mediation again on Friday but did not reach an agreement.

The talks were suggested by Orange County Superior Court Judge

Peter Polos, who is presiding over the trial of the city of

Anaheim's lawsuit accusing the Angels of breach of contract.

Negotiators met for three hours, city spokesman John Nicoletti

said. The sides held similarly unsuccessful talks several times

before the trial began.

Anaheim's attorneys say team owner Arte Moreno violated a

10-year-old contract and cost the city $100 million in tourism

revenue and publicity when he changed the club's name from the

Anaheim Angels to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Moreno's attorneys argue the Angels' owner has the right to

market his baseball team any way he wants, as long as he keeps the

word Anaheim somewhere in its name.

On Thursday, baseball historian John Thorn testified that

Anaheim has disappeared "about 99.9 percent of the time" from

public reports on the team. He said such Web sites as Yahoo Sports

and ESPN.com use "Los Angeles" or "Los Angeles Angels" when

reporting scores.

Angels attorney Todd Theodora said "Anaheim" has continued to

appear in several publications including the Ottawa Sun, The

Missourian and a paper in the Virgin Islands. Also, Major League

Baseball for the first time is selling a calendar with the full

team name, he said.

The trial began Jan. 9 and was expected to last about a month.

It is scheduled to resume Monday.