Minor league umps settle strike, ratify new deal

Minor league umpires settled their season-long strike, ratifying
a new contract Tuesday.

Andy Roberts, president of the Association of Minor League
Umpires, said the umps will return to work within 10 days.

"Our goal from the beginning of these negotiations was to
obtain a fair contract," Roberts said in a statement. "It has
been a tough struggle, but an important one for our membership. Now
it's time to get back on the field. The umpires are ready to work,
and we look forward to the rest of the season."

Umps and the Professional Baseball Umpire Corporation agreed to
a contract April 27, but umpires rejected that agreement by a 2-1
margin on May 1. The sides resumed talks last Wednesday with the
assistance of a federal mediator.

"Late Friday, the AMLU made a proposal to settle the strike
that PBUC agreed was acceptable," management lawyer George Yund
said in an e-mail Tuesday.

Umps had been on strike since minor league seasons began April