Team will 'juice' fans when Canseco's in town

This is the kind of juice that should be on a baseball diamond.

The Flyers of Fullerton, Calif., an independent minor-league team, announced on Monday that they will host "Juice Box Night" when Jose Canseco and his Long Beach Armada come to town on Thursday.

Canseco wrote the book "Juiced" that revealed rampant use of performance-enhancing drugs in the major leagues. The former slugger inspires anger and admiration for his stand.

"While the use of steroids, and other illegal drugs, is obviously a very serious matter," Flyers General Manager Ed Hart said in a statement, "we also recognize that there are ways to have fun with a serious situation. We also see this as a great way to educate our fans, especially children, on the negative repercussions of illegal substance abuse of any kind."

The team will give away 500 juice boxes, and every one will carry a flier that discusses the dangers of steroid use. The Golden Baseball League credits itself as one of the toughest baseball leagues when it comes to policing performance enhancers.