Report: Sox skipper Francona released from hospital

Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona planned to go see his daughter in a softball tournament before heading off to Japan to manage an exhibition tour for major leaguers, but he ended up in a hospital this week.

Terry Francona Francona

An infection in his foot caused him to have to pull out of the Japan tour, but on Friday something finally went right when Francona was released from the hospital, according to a report by the Boston Globe.

"It's frustrating,'' Francona told the paper. "But this isn't anything. I think the reason I'm in the hospital is because I'm away from home so they feel the best thing is to keep me here on IVs and the medicine until I'm ready to fly home."

Francona told the Boston Herald earlier this week that he had stepped on a pin but didn't think much about it until his foot began to hurt.

"When I put weight on it, it just pounds," he told the Herald. "Being on a plane for seven or eight hours [going to Japan] is not what I need to do. I think [doctors] were a little worried about it the other day, just because of my history. It was getting big in a hurry. It's pretty aggressive."

Francona has had other unusual health problems in the past. He suffered a pulmonary embolism in 2002 and must take blood thinners. He also had a knee replacement last offseason and had to leave the bench in 2005 after suffering a viral infection.