Mets raising price of sought after box seats

NEW YORK -- The New York Mets are raising the price of box seats closest to the Shea Stadium field by up to $12 next season and are increasing the best tickets available for individual games by as much as $7.

The Metro Club Gold seats, the ones nearest the dugouts, will range from $108-$72, the Mets said Friday, up from $96-60 last season. The Mets have five prices depending on the opponent: platinum, gold, silver, bronze and value.

That's a bargain compared to the prices for similar seats at Yankee Stadium, where the best box seats near the dugouts will cost $150 next year, up from $110. For both teams, those seats are usually available only as part of season-ticket plans.

In addition, both teams have specialty seats -- the Yankees in an area lining the field and the Mets in rows behind home plate -- that run higher.

For the Mets, inner loge boxes range from $82-$52 (up from $75-$45), inner field boxes from $77-$47 ($70-40), outfield field and loge boxes and all mezzanine boxes from $54-$36 ($32-50), loge reserved from $48-$30 ($45-$27), mezzanine reserved and upper box from $35-$21 ($33-$19) and upper reserved and loge and mezzanine back rows from $25-$5 ($22-$5).

In addition, the Mets will have several discount plans. For 36 of their 81 home games, 20,000 seats per game will be available in $9 or $5 value packs. The Mets also have a holiday promotion ongoing in which tickets for five games can be bought for a total of $37.