Amid change, McClatchy will remain Pirates CEO

PHOENIX -- Robert Nutting was given approval Thursday by
baseball owners to take control of the Pittsburgh Pirates from
Kevin McClatchy, who will remain the team's chief executive officer.

Nutting, already the chairman of the board, is the son of
Wheeling, W.Va., newspaper owner G. Ogden Nutting, whose family has
been one of the Pirates' primary investors under McClatchy. Nutting
last week said the family owns a majority interest in the club.

McClatchy, who headed the group that bought the team before the
1996 season, will control the club's day-to-day operations. He will
report to Nutting.

"I think this is just a natural change," commissioner Bud
Selig said. "Kevin McClatchy, to his everlasting credit, has
really run that club through very difficult times for a small
market. And he really did it with a lot of grace."

The Pirates have had 14 straight losing seasons, two shy of the
record set by the Philadelphia Phillies from 1933-48. They went
67-95 last year but improved after the All-Star game, going 37-35.