Mother, brother trying to find Braves infielder

No one can seem to get in touch with Braves infielder Willy Aybar. Not his mother, not his brother Erik who plays for the Los Angeles Angels, nor Erik's superstar teammate Vladimir Guerrero, according to a published report.

"I feel bad for my mom -- she's crying every day," the Angels' Aybar told the Los Angeles Times. "He won't answer the phone for her, too."

Aybar still hasn't turned up after failing to report to New York for a scheduled meeting with MLB officials on Friday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

After missing a scheduled medical evaluation with league officials Thursday -- when the 24-year-old utility infielder reportedly overslept -- Aybar's agent and acting spokesman, Luis Valdez, told MLB officials his client would report the following day in place of the absence.

By the end of Friday's business day, Aybar hadn't made any attempts to get in touch with anyone concerned, the Journal-Constitution reported.

Valdez indicated on Thursday to the newspaper that his client was battling a substance abuse problem and had driven alone from Atlanta to Boston to be with his brother Francis for support.

Younger brother Erik had no knowledge of a substance abuse problem.

"I'd never known him to have any drug or alcohol problems in the Dominican," Erik Aybar to the Journal-Constitution. "He's a different guy [now]. I don't know what's going on with Willy."

Aybar was suspended for three days by the Braves after not showing up at Turner Field last weekend for rehab on his injured hand, and the suspension (without pay) was extended indefinitely after he missed a scheduled meeting Wednesday with manager Bobby Cox.

The Braves have said they were unaware of Aybar's substance abuse problem until Valdez contacted them through a phone call Wednesday night.