Report: Meeting between Giambi, Mitchell will probably happen

NEW YORK -- Facing a Thursday deadline, lawyers neared an
agreement that would lead to a meeting between Jason Giambi and
steroids investigator George Mitchell.

Jason Giambi


Designated Hitter
New York Yankees


Attorneys for Major League Baseball and the players' union
negotiated for a third straight day Wednesday to work out a deal
that would lead to Giambi becoming the first active player known to
speak with Mitchell's staff, several people familiar with the talks
said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because no statements
were authorized.

Several people said it was probable an agreement on rules for a
Giambi-Mitchell meeting would be reached Thursday.

When he asked on June 6 for Giambi to meet with Mitchell,
commissioner Bud Selig said he wanted the session to take place
within two weeks. Giambi's representatives later were told the
deadline would be this Thursday and it would be only for an
agreement to meet, not for the meeting itself.

Selig threatened Giambi with discipline, saying cooperation with
Mitchell would be factored into his decision. Any penalty imposed
by Selig would have a good chance of being overturned by an
arbitrator, who would have to determine whether there was "just

Giambi was quoted last month by USA Today as seeming to admit to steroids use several years ago and met five days later with
management lawyers to discuss those comments.

The New York Yankees' designated hitter is on the disabled list
with a foot injury and it is unclear when he'll be able to play