Fingers no longer among Wisconsin's top tax delinquents

MILWAUKEE -- Hall of Fame pitcher Rollie Fingers was removed
from the state's list of its largest tax delinquents.

Two of three cases filed against Fingers by the state Department
of Revenue have been satisfied, according to documents filed in
Dane County Circuit Court. The court does not specify how those
cases were settled, including whether Fingers paid and how much he
might have paid.

The state Department of Revenue had listed Roland G. Fingers of
Las Vegas as one of its top 100 delinquent taxpayers in July 2006.
He owed about $1.4 million in income taxes, including $1.1 million
in interest, according to court records.

Fingers, a reliever once famous for his handlebar mustache, was
the American League's MVP and Cy Young Award winner in 1981 with
the Milwaukee Brewers.

Revenue Department spokeswoman Meredith Helgerson said she is
barred from discussing any taxpayer's specific situation. She
confirmed Monday that Fingers has been removed from the list but
could not say how the cases were satisfied or how much Fingers
paid, if anything.

The only way someone can be removed from the list is for them to
agree to pay in installments, petition for a compromise or file for

The third case against Fingers was for more than $58,000. Court
records showed that case still pending Monday.

No lawyer for Fingers was listed and a message left at a number
in Las Vegas was not immediately returned.

Fingers disputed his status as a tax delinquent in his online
journal this winter, saying he had income taxes withheld from every
paycheck when he played for the Brewers in the 1980s.

Fingers helped the Oakland A's win three consecutive World
Series from 1972-74 and was a closer for the Brewers in 1981-82 and
1984-85. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1992 after a
17-year career. He is eighth in career saves with 341.