Mets call team meeting after four-game skid

WASHINGTON -- After a four-game losing streak and a
franchise-record 10 errors in two ghastly games, the New York Mets
held a closed-door team meeting before Tuesday's game against the
Washington Nationals.

Mets manager Willie Randolph said that some of his players came
to him and asked to address the team. Randolph said he talked to
his team "briefly" on Tuesday, then left the players alone when
he came out to speak to the media.

Players declined to discuss the meeting when they took the field
for pre-game warmups, but Tom Glavine said earlier in the day that
he might ask a few veterans to talk to the team.

"If we have a meeting, it doesn't mean we're going to go out
and win the next 12 games," Glavine said. "Sometimes, during the
course of a season, it doesn't hurt to get guys together and remind
them of some things.

"We're a better team than we've looked the past couple of days.
But when you don't play good defense, it looks a lot uglier than it
really is."

The 41-year-old Glavine, who has won 303 games and been to the
postseason 12 times, said he wouldn't have been surprised if
Randolph called the team out for its recent performance.

"I don't think anybody would say he's panicking," Glavine
said. "Anybody with half a brain would say we've been horrible. An
outburst of any nature would have been justified."

Before Tuesday night's game, Randolph got defensive when he was
asked about his seemingly calm public demeanor during his team's
losing streak.

"I'm the total opposite of what you might see," Randolph said.
"I'm very passionate. I'm very, very fiery when I talk to my

"[But] there is a calm. There is a feeling of wellness even
though it doesn't look that way."