After apology, Devil Rays' Young plays in 162nd game this season

TORONTO -- Devil Rays outfielder Delmon Young patched things
up with manager Joe Maddon on Sunday and came on as a defensive
replacement against the Blue Jays, making him the first rookie
since Hideki Matsui in 2003 to play in all his team's games.

Held out of the starting lineup following a spat with Maddon, Young replaced Greg Norton in right field in the bottom of the sixth. He struck out against left-hander Brian Tallet in the
seventh, then flied out against right-hander Josh Towers to begin
the ninth.

A candidate for the AL Rookie of the Year award, Young batted .288 with 13 homers and 93 RBIs this season.

"I want to see him get 162 games," Maddon said before the game. "That's been one of our goals all along. Now he's got the
opportunity to do that."

Young's status had been in doubt after he argued with Maddon after being removed from Saturday's game for not running out an infield grounder.

Young was replaced by Norton in right field in the bottom of the sixth Saturday after he failed to run hard on a grounder to third
in the top of the inning.

"I'm not the only one doing it," Young said after the game.

"I play every day. I don't complain about going out there. I'll
see you guys next year because I'm shut down tomorrow."

The 21-year-old approached Maddon before Sunday's game and apologized for his outburst.

"I'm pleased that he came in with the intent to resolve it,"
Maddon said. "Had he not come in and seen me today I would not
have done that."

The No. 1 overall pick in the 2003 draft, Young has struggled to keep his temper in check during his time in professional baseball. He received a 50-game suspension after flipping his bat into the chest of a Triple-A umpire in 2006, and was suspended three games by the Southern League for bumping an umpire while playing for Double-A Montgomery in 2005.

Young is the younger brother of Washington first baseman Dmitri Young.