Astros announcer Hamilton recovering from heart attack

HOUSTON -- Longtime Houston Astros radio announcer Milo
Hamilton suffered a heart attack this weekend and was recovering in
a Houston hospital on Tuesday.

The 80-year-old underwent an angioplasty and had a stent put in
and is doing well. He began experiencing chest pains on Sunday at
lunch and went to an emergency room where doctors discovered an
artery that was completely clogged.

"I had a heart attack and there was some minimal damage,"
Hamilton said in a release. "Only time will tell how much. I'm
feeling pretty good and I'm relaxed. Hopefully, I'll leave the
hospital soon, likely on Thursday or Friday."

The heart attack postponed hip replacement surgery that had been
scheduled for Monday. That surgery will likely be delayed for 6-12

Hamilton has been calling major league games since 1953 and has
been with the Astros since 1985. He began calling only home games
in 2006.

He also has worked for the Cardinals, Braves, Pirates and both
Chicago teams. He's called 11 no-hitters, but his most famous call
is Hank Aaron's record-breaking 715th home run in 1974.