Runge apologizes to Manuel for Tuesday bump, ejection

NEW YORK -- New York Mets manager Jerry Manuel said all he wanted from umpire Brian Runge was an apology. On Wednesday night, he got one.

Runge apologized to Manuel when Manuel brought out the lineup card for the Mets' 8-2 win over the Seattle Mariners, according to MLB.com and New York-area media reports.

On Tuesday, Runge ejected Manuel and Carlos Beltran for arguing a called third strike, and Runge appeared to bump Manuel before tossing him.

On Wednesday, Manuel said all was forgiven.

"[Runge] had spoken to his father [Paul Runge, a former MLB umpire], who actually is a good friend of mine," Manuel said after Wednesday's game. "And he felt very bad about the whole incident. I accepted [the apology]. No problem."

The mended fences between Manuel and Runge didn't prevent MLB from suspending Runge one game, which will be served immediately. MLB said Runge's suspension will be served immediately.

The league also fined Beltran and Manuel. Manuel received a $500 fine and Beltran's was $400.

The incident in Tuesday's game started when Beltran talked to Runge after he took two called strikes from R.A. Dickey to begin the inning. Runge took off his mask and continued the dialogue before he brushed dirt off home plate. Manuel then came out and started arguing.

Runge bumped into Manuel before throwing him out of the game. The manager walked to the bench after getting a few more words in as the Shea Stadium crowd roared.

Beltran continued the conversation and Runge quickly threw him out. An incensed Beltran then got in Runge's face and had to be held back before Manuel came out to escort the All-Star to the dugout.

Before Wednesday's game, Manuel told reporters that he hoped Major League Baseball would not discipline Runge for the incident.

"I think, for me, just a personal apology would be enough," Manuel said, hours before he received one. "I don't hope to see anyone get suspended and all that kind of stuff."

Runge declined to talk about the incident on Wednesday, the New York Post reported.

"I can't say anything," he said, according to the report. "You guys have to talk to the commissioner's office."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.