Source: A-Rod to talk to MLB officials

Major League Baseball investigators will meet face-to-face with Alex Rodriguez Sunday in Tampa, Fla., to discuss his admitted steroid use from 2001 to 2003, a source familiar with details of the meeting told ESPN.

Rodriguez is unlikely to face any punishment for his admitted use.

Investigators are expected to ask A-Rod the following:

• Whether he ever used steroids or any other performance-enhancing drug beyond that time-frame;

• Whether his cousin Yuri Sucart ever provided drugs to other major league players;

• What his relationship was with controversial trainer Angel Presinal and whether Presinal ever provided A-Rod or other players with banned drugs;

• Whether Sucart or Presinal had access to restricted areas.

If Rodriguez sticks to his story that he received drugs only from Sucart during his years in Texas and information later emerges that the story was not true, then MLB officials have said the commissioner's office would likely pursue disciplinary action.

Under MLB rules Rodriguez is allowed to have a personal lawyer and a member of the MLB Players Association with him during questioning.