Trembley also fined after ejection

BALTIMORE -- Orioles manager Dave Trembley received a two-game suspension Friday and was fined following his ejection in the first inning of Baltimore's game against the Seattle Mariners earlier this week.

Bob Watson, Major League Baseball's vice president in charge of discipline, said Trembley violated a rule that states an ejected manager must take no further part in a game.

Trembley, in his third year with the Orioles, was tossed Tuesday night for arguing a baserunning call. He told reporters after the game that when Luke Scott came into the clubhouse, Trembley told him to "get me a couple" runs.

Scott ended up with seven RBIs in the Orioles' 12-4 win.

"I'm glad I gave the instructions to Luke Scott and he had that day," Trembley said Friday before Baltimore faced the Toronto Blue Jays.

Trembley dressed for batting practice Friday, but bench coach Dave Jauss was put in control of the team during the game.

"I won't be in the dugout and won't be in the clubhouse, so no one will be tempted to say I'm giving instructions," Trembley said.

The suspension stemmed from a call in Seattle in which the umpire crew deemed Baltimore's Nolan Reimold had not reached second base before an overthrow went out of play. Trembley insisted Reimold should have been awarded home, and argued long and hard before throwing his hat in rage.

He made no apology for his actions, and acknowledged that the suspension was expected.

"I'm not surprised or shocked. It happened. I did what I did," he said. "Am I proud of the antics? No. Do I want it to be played over and over again so kids can see it? No. But it's something that I did to back up my team and deliver a message."