ESPN Live on Mark McGwire

Mark McGwire has been a hot-button topic since his admission that he took performance-enhancing drugs during his playing career. Because many suspected he had used PEDs, McGwire has never garnered more than 23.7 percent of the vote in his four years on the Hall of Fame ballot.

Adding to the conversation about the controversial slugger, ESPN.com hosted "ESPN Live on Mark McGwire," a one-time interactive event that brought together ESPN's Hall of Fame voters to discuss McGwire, his admission of steroids use, his Hall of Fame candidacy, his record-breaking 1998 season and other related topics, both with each other and with the users.

Eleven of ESPN's 15 Hall of Fame voters participated in the live conversation (listed alphabetically): Howard Bryant, Jim Caple, Jerry Crasnick, Gordon Edes, Michael Knisley, Tim Kurkjian, Peter Pascarelli, Brendan Roberts, Mark Saxon, Barry Stanton and Jayson Stark.

Check out the transcript below.

ESPN Live on McGwire