Former Senator may be called to testify

WASHINGTON -- Former Sen. George Mitchell says Roger Clemens may call him to testify at the upcoming trial on charges the former All-Star pitcher lied about drug use.

Mitchell was hired by Major League Baseball to investigate the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the league. His 2007 report accused Clemens and 85 other former or current players of using those drugs.

Clemens maintains the allegations are false. He is scheduled to go on trial next week in Washington federal court on charges he lied about using during a 2008 congressional investigation into the Mitchell report.

Mitchell's attorney filed court documents Thursday disclosing that his client is a potential defense witness and asking permission to make objections during his testimony.

Clemens' attorneys likely want to ask Mitchell about his interviews of the former pitcher's accusers during his investigation.

In other filings Thursday, prosecutors listed more than 100 pieces of evidence they may offer at trial, including records from Congress, the four teams Clemens played for and emails and phone calls between Clemens, his former trainer Brian McNamee and others involved in the case.

Most significantly it includes the used needles, gauze, cotton balls and Kleenex that McNamee said he used to inject Clemens. And it includes the used Miller Lite can and Fed Ex box that McNamee said he stored the medical waste in for years in his basement in Queens.

The list also includes copies of reports analyzing the medical evidence and resumes of doctors and scientists presumably who will testify about its validity, which Clemens' attorneys have attacked.