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Disco Demolition Night

Photograph By AP Photo/Fred Jewell

Thursday, July 12, 1979: a day that should live in baseball (and certainly disco) infamy. Chicago DJ Steve Dahl talked White Sox execs Bill and Mike Veeck (go figure!) into a Comiskey Park promotion that involved bringing disco records to the stadium, putting them into a big crate and then blowing them up in center field between games of a doubleheader. The grass burned, fans swarmed the field, and little riots broke out hither and yon. Can you dig it? Both the Yankees' Curtis Granderson and the Rays' David Price would have liked to. They chose this little piece of baseball history for their one game in time. Said Price: "A lot of crazy stuff went on that night. They lit the field on fire. It was just nuts." And Granderson? "That would be a cool one to be a part of, and I would definitely throw something on the field," he said.