Best "Extinct" Uniforms

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Expos: 1980s road jerseys

Photograph By Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

Top three reasons the Expos' '80s road unis were the best:

3. Any and all shades of babyish blue from that era offer a unique look that baseball hasn't been able to duplicate since. See also: Royals, Blue Jays.

2. The Expos logo looked sharp, yet somehow remained mysterious too. What you're seeing is simply "EB" for Expos Baseball. But the script could also be interpreted as "ELB" (Expos Limited Baseball), "CB" (Charles Bronfman, first owner of the Expos) or "EB" standing for something else (Charles' brother Edgar Bronfman? Endy Bavez?). Then there's the kicker: Take a step back and you can see that the whole thing is a big M, for Montreal of course.

1. Using regression analysis, Monte Carlo simulations and 80 other kinds of number-crunching and mathematical modeling, we've determined that Tim Raines in his prime was the coolest. That is just science. -- Jonah Keri