Sound off on the Reds

Josh Hamilton is crafting the feel-good story of the spring. Everyone deserves a second chance -- it is what America represents. If the 25-year-old beats drugs and becomes a great player, he can serve as an example for other young people with problems and be a hero.

His comeback is further proof that the improbable can happen, and the Reds are crossing their fingers his return isn't the only good thing that transpires this season.

In a perfect world, Adam Dunn gets off to a strong start and stays hot, Brandon Phillips and Alex Gonzalez become a dynamic double-play duo, Eric Milton finds his command, Dustin Hermanson ends up filling the closer role and Junior stays healthy for 162 games while playing right field.

Is Hamilton's tale the beginning of a promising year for the Reds, or is it all just wishful thinking? Let us know what you think.