Sound off on the Tigers

Say goodbye to being the underdog. The Tigers have gone from hunter to hunted and won't fly under the radar this season.

Losing to the Cardinals left them hungry. After getting a taste of the World Series, they want to prove that the ride was no fluke.

Their entire starting rotation is back, and except for Jamie Walker, the bullpen looks the same. If everyone performs like they did last year, pitching won't be a problem.

The offense might even be better after picking up right fielder Gary Sheffield, one of the biggest difference-makers in the game. Sheffield, a career .297 batter with 455 home runs, has hit everywhere he's ever been, and Motown should be no different.

Don't underestimate the motivational wizardry of Jim Leyland, who took home his fourth Manager of the Year Award a year ago. Last time Sheffield and Leyland were together in Florida (as Marlins), they won rings.

Will history repeat itself, or will the Tigers fall short again? Let us know what you think.