Sound off on the Cubs

Nobody has suffered more -- or longer -- than the Cubs. They haven't been to the World Series since 1945, but that seems like recent history, considering they haven't won it all since 1908.

If spending big results in winning big, this could be the Cubs' year. The front office dropped $300 million to upgrade the roster.

Signing Alfonso Soriano ($136M) was a coup. Re-signing Aramis Ramirez ($75M) showed commitment to the cause. While Ted Lilly ($40M) should deliver many quality starts, inking Jason Marquis ($21M) was a gamble.

There might be a Cy Young in Carlos Zambrano's future, but nothing is guaranteed with the rest of the staff. Mark Prior has gone from chosen one to question mark, and health remains an issue for Kerry Wood.

Management brought in Lou Piniella to fire up the troops -- the over/under on his first tirade is May 1. Piniella is going to hold the Cubs accountable and won't settle for another 66-win season.

Will the investments pay off, or did the Cubs overspend? Do the North Siders have enough pitching? Let us know what you think.