Orioles 7, Marlins 5

JUPITER, Fla. (AP) -- Baltimore Orioles leadoff batter Brian Roberts was off and running Friday, to the annoyance of Florida Marlins pitcher Mark Hendrickson.

Roberts started the Orioles' 7-5 victory with a leadoff double in the first inning against Hendrickson and promptly stole third. He stole third again in the third inning against Rick VandenHurk.

On Thursday against Florida, Roberts stole two bases in the first inning. Hendrickson took exception to the aggressiveness so early in spring training.

"I wanted to yell at him, go, 'What are you doing? Getting your legs in shape?" Hendrickson said. "He steals a lot. That's part of his game, so more power to him, but it's one of those things."

Roberts shrugged off Hendrickson's reaction.

"He's getting his arm in shape, I'm getting my legs in shape," Roberts said. "I'm not going to lose sleep over it, I can tell you that."

Orioles starter Steve Trachsel pitched two scoreless innings, allowing one hit and striking out one. He threw 29 pitches, 19 for strikes.

"He used all his pitches, his tempo was good, he hit both sides of the plate," manager Dave Trembley said. "He looked very good."

After losing 16-3 to Florida in their exhibition opener, the Orioles bounced back with a win.

"The way you play the game is important to me, and the game was played a lot better today," Trembley said. "The situational hitting was good, the baserunning, a lot of guys saw a lot of pitches per at-bat."

Roberts, Melvin Mora and Luis Terrero each went 2-for-3 for the Orioles.

Hendrickson pitched well in his Marlins debut, throwing 22 strikes in 30 pitches. He allowed one run and three hits in two innings.

"It's no secret we're throwing fastballs and changeups," Hendrickson said. "It kind of forces you to just try to work on executing pitches. They weren't all perfect."

Another Marlins newcomer, Luis Gonzalez, had two singles in two at-bats.