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Eric Karabell ESPN Senior Writer 

Fantasy owners should not look to drop Dee Gordon. He's still an impactful player and he can produce key stats the final two months. Don't let your anger for what he did affect judgment. And add Jarrod Dyson for stolen bases. Quickly.

MLB ? @mlb

When you jack No. 6 and play for the top team in the AL, that’s #ASGWorthy.

SportsCenter @sportscenter

30 years ago today, Roger Clemens set a new MLB record by striking out 20 batters in a game. #FBF

Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN

Re: MLBPA action on PEDS -- MLB has a tough system primarily because players desired a level playing field. Even if it meant busting peers.

Jim Bowden ESPN Senior Writer 

My thoughts on the Dee Gordon suspension: 1. I want to know what Dee Gordon knowingly took that made him ingest unknowingly PED's so someone else doesn't make same mistake. 2. 80-game suspension should be increased to one year because why have him back if he then can't play in post-season. 3. Players should be out on Administrative leave once they test positive until appeal process is done just like Domestic Violence policy.

Olney: PED use not always linked to size

Buster Olney says that unless the MLBPA opens up the CBA and gives teams the option to void multiyear contracts for players busted for PEDs, the reward outweighs the risk for players.


Jerry Crasnick ESPN Senior Writer 

The Chris Colabello and Dee Gordon suspensions have ramped up debate on whether the current MLB penalty structure is enough of a deterrent to potential PED users. Recent developments will also spur discussion on whether teams should be stuck with the tab on multi-million dollar deals for players who break the rules. It's a volatile and contentious topic that can only add to the complexity of the ongoing MLB labor talks.

Eric Karabell @karabellespn

Random fantasy owner statement today: "I knowingly drafted Dee Gordon. I made a mistake and accept the consequences." Um, no. Please.

karl ravech @karlravechespn

I personally really like Dee Gordon and he has every right to explain his usage, I choose not to accept the explanation. Not personal at all

Marly Rivera ESPN Writer 

Marlins second baseman's Dee Gordon statement after MLB announced early Friday morning that he has been suspended 80 games for the use of performance-enhancing substances.

Jayson Stark ESPN Senior Writer 

Dee Gordon's PED suspension is a shocker. But it's also a reminder that for most players, PED use was never about bulking up to hit a bunch of HRs. Players take what they take for many reasons. Need to add strength to turn outs into hits, singles into doubles, fatigue into energy, failure into success. But whatever their reasons, they're responsible for what they put into their bodies. Dee Gordon is just the latest to learn that lesson and pay that price.

Eric Karabell @karabellespn

Waking up to Dee Gordon news and checking teams to see if I have him anywhere. This stinks. Rinse and repeat.

Perez on Gordon: 'Completely shocked'

Eduardo Perez reacts to the news that Dee Gordon has been suspended 80 games for PEDs and offers up some replacements for the All-Star second baseman.


What happened in MLB on draft day

The NFL draft was the focus of Thursday, but plenty happened in baseball including a shocking development: Jake Arrieta gave up a run at home.