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Rodriguez injury is bad news for Yanks

In regards to Alex Rodriguez's hamstring injury, which will send him to the disabled list, Yankees manager Joe Girardi had this to say: "It is definitely worrisome." And based on these numbers, we can see why.

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Lester throws glove and ball . . . again

Last season, Cubs pitcher Jon Lester struggled to retrieve the ball from his glove and threw the entire glove with the ball inside to Anthony Rizzo for the out. On Wednesday, the two connected again on almost the same play.


Bryce Harper smacks 10th home run

The 2015 NL MVP got in on the Nationals' 13-2 rout of the Royals with this dinger to right.


Jesse Rogers ESPN Staff Writer 

Jon Lester had another one of those moments on the mound today. After fielding a comebacker the ball got wedged in his glove so he threw his glove over to first base with the ball in it. Anthony Rizzo dropped his own glove to catch Lester's and the Cubs got the out.


Katie Strang 

Looks like Tigers-Indians game will start on time tonight, despite weather concerns. Tarp is off here at Progressive Field.

Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer 

Yankees manager Joe Girardi and Carlos Beltran both downplayed the urgency of the meeting the team held prior to Tuesday's loss. Alex Rodriguez had revealed that he told his teammates they could score five runs per game. Beltran said A-Rod made the statement during the team's regular hitters' meeting that occurs before each series to go over the opposition's pitchers. Girardi emphasized to his hitters to stay positive during the session, according to Beltran. While not declaring the contents of his message, Girardi agreed that the team should be able to average five runs per game.

Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer 

Yankees manager Joe Girardi went to his patented, "It is not what you want," as he spoke about Alex Rodriguez's injury


Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer 

Alex Rodriguez said that the timing of his injury could not have been worse, while Yankees manager Joe Girardi said there is never a good time to lose your No. 3 hitter.


Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer 

Alex Rodriguez said he was hoping to avoid the DL, but you can't fool an MRI. "The machine doesn't lie."

Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer 

Alex Rodriguez also revealed the team had a meeting prior to last night's loss in which he told his teammates that there is no reason they can't score five runs per game.