Torii Hunter: Didn't kiss alligator

When it comes to alligators, it's hard not to kiss and tell. Just ask Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter.

On a dare from Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, Hunter apparently puckered up and kissed an alligator that was brought into the team's clubhouse Tuesday, and the photo immediately went viral.

The alligator's jaws were taped shut, but Hunter still took the dare and came face-to-face -- or shall we say lips-to-snout -- with his fears.

Or did he?

On Wednesday, Hunter, who had never before touched a gator, told reporters that he was just "on the backside of it" and there was no kiss.

The alligator was unavailable for comment.

The picture was taken during the morning meeting the Tigers have been holding daily at spring training under new manager Brad Ausmus, who is using that time as a formal start and also a chance for the team to share a few laughs.