Royals to add netting to Kauffman Stadium to improve safety

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Royals are installing additional netting at Kauffman Stadium that extends toward the outfield end of each team's dugout to improve safety for fans sitting along the foul lines.

Several clubs have considered implementing ways to protect fans from foul balls hit into those seats, and some have suggested that similar netting should be mandatory in major league ballparks.

The Minnesota Twins will also be extending their nets to the far end of the dugouts before next season.

Royals vice president Kevin Uhlich said Wednesday that the club considered several options before deciding on the new netting. The club hopes it strikes a balance between safety and allowing fans sitting in premium seats to have the same kind of ballpark experience they had in years past.

The World Series champion Royals play their home opener against the New York Mets on April 4.

ESPN's Steve Wulf and The Associated Press contributed to this report.