Albert Pujols doesn't comment on tweet

ST. LOUIS -- Albert Pujols had no comment about a derogatory tweet the Brewers' Nyjer Morgan posted after getting ejected from a game against the Cardinals. Pitcher Chris Carpenter said he wasn't totally blameless in the incident, but said Morgan's reaction was over the top.

"I don't want to say anything," Pujols said Friday before the Cardinals played the Atlanta Braves.

Pujols also reiterated that he wouldn't discuss a contract extension until the season was over.

"I don't want to talk about that right now," Pujols said. "Talk to me after the season, but not right now."

Morgan, whose handle is TheRealTPlush, referred to Pujols as Alberta and criticized Pujols for running to the mound and making sure Morgan's confrontation with Carpenter didn't escalate in the ninth inning of a shutout over Milwaukee on Wednesday night.

"Alberta couldn't see Plush if she had her gloves on!!" Morgan tweeted, and added, "Wat was she thinking running afta Plush!!! She nver been n tha ring!!!" Earlier he reveled in the Brewers' big lead in the NL Central, tweeting "Where still n 1st and I hope those crying birds injoy watching tha Crew in tha Playoffs!!! Aaaaahhhhh!!!"

Cardinals manager Tony La Russa said after the game that Morgan was a good player but that he needed to "get a clue." La Russa pointed out earlier incidents when Morgan clipped catcher Bryan Anderson and then denied it.

"I'm aware of him," La Russa said. "The less you talk about him, the better off you are."

La Russa said he doesn't want to see any players tweeting immediately before and after games.

"We allow players a lot of freedom, as long as it's not abused," he said.

Morgan yelled at Carpenter and pulled his chew out of his mouth and flung it toward the mound after striking out, with TV catching all of antics. Carpenter's immediate reaction after the strikeout wasn't televised but he said Friday that he yelled a few choice words at Morgan.

"He can say whatever he wants. I can say whatever I want, but it's the way you react to it," Carpenter said. "He's swearing at me, I'm not throwing at him.

"I say one thing to him and he turns around and he makes it a bench-clearing brawl," Carpenter added.

Carpenter said it was his competitive side, plus his history with Morgan, that came out.

Carpenter said cameras didn't catch Morgan swearing at him after doubling earlier in the game, and said Morgan had to be dragged out of the dugout during his previous start against Milwaukee.

"I did say something to him, yes," Carpenter said. "It's the reaction to everything that was going on from games before."