Cardinals earn hefty postseason share

NEW YORK -- A full postseason share for the World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals was worth $323,170, up slightly from last year but still below the record set in 2009.

A full share was worth $317,631 on the 2010 San Francisco Giants and $350,030 on the 2009 New York Yankees.

The commissioner's office said Monday a full share on the losing Rangers was $251,516, up from $246,280 on Texas last year but down from $265,358 for the 2009 Philadelphia Phillies.

The players' pool was $57.3 million, up from $54.9 million last year but below the record $59.1 million in 2009. It includes 60 percent of the ticket money from the first three games of each division series, and the first four games of each league championship series and the World Series.

St. Louis awarded 51 full shares, 11.962 partial shares and eight cash awards. Texas players split their money into 47 full shares, 6.5 partial shares and 19 cash awards.

Among the losing LCS teams, a full share was worth $133,511 on the Milwaukee Brewers and $126,902 on the Detroit Tigers. For losing division series teams, shares were $30,758 on the Tampa Bay Rays, $30,401 on the Phillies, $26,675 on the Arizona Diamondbacks and $26,239 on the Yankees.

For second-place teams that failed to make the postseason, shares were $11,089 on the Atlanta Braves, $10,862 on the Los Angeles Angels, $10,690 on the Giants and $10,366 on the Cleveland Indians.