Minor league umps likely for World Baseball Classic

NEW YORK -- While many of the best players are getting ready
for the first World Baseball Classic, it appears the top umpires
won't be calling the tournament.

Talks between Major League Baseball and its umpires' union broke
down Wednesday. The commissioner's office also has been negotiating
with the Association of Minor League Umpires, and minor league umps
are likely to officiate the 16-nation tournament, which runs from
March 3-20.

"As of today's date, at this point it does not appear that
major league umpires will be working the World Cup," World Umpires
Association president John Hirschbeck said.

Rob Manfred, executive vice president for labor relations in the
commissioner's office, has been handling talks with the umpires.

"No matter what happens, we will have umpires working these
games that are familiar to major league fans because they will be,
at a minimum, guys who have worked games as part of the fill-in
process," Manfred said.

The tournament is being run by the commissioner's office and the
Major League Baseball Players Association.

Gene Orza, the MLBPA's chief operating officer, said 22-24 minor
league umpires would be used along with about eight international
umpires. The major league umpires were seeking more money than WBC
organizers were willing to pay.

"The umpires were looking for far too much," Orza said.