UFC 153    October 13, 2012
Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves
Mark J. Rebilas for ESPN.com


Now we're really going to find out what Erick Silva is all about. He checks out so far. Athleticism, technique, takedown defense, grappling -- all checks. Jon Fitch is like water, though; he'll find a hole if it's there. The way to fight Silva is the way Fitch fights: constant pressure. Stand on the outside, and you're going to have a bad night. Silva's footwork is terrific, and he's got serious knockout power. But if you pressure him, push him against a fence and fight in the clinch, you take some of his athleticism away. In the Charlie Brenneman win, Silva demonstrated he's not lost fighting off his back and he can threaten with submissions. Of course, Fitch's top game figures to be a little tougher.