UFC on FOX 5    December 8, 2012
Mauricio Rua hurting Lyoto Machida
Ed Mulholland/ESPN.com


You picking the athlete or the mixed martial artist? You run Alexander Gustafsson and Mauricio Rua through an NFL combine, everyone's taking the Swede. You put them in a cage fight? We'll see. Gustafsson wants a standup fight. He'll circle, get Rua to run at him then counter. A career of tough fights has slowed Rua down, so we may see Gustafsson push the pace at times, as well, if he's able to set up the angles he wants. We generally think Gustafsson is fast because he moves well, but his hand speed isn't exactly breathtaking. Rua, right now, is still technically better. He gasses, though, and when he's tired, he motors forward with no regard for his safety. And Gustafsson will love that. Advantage to Rua on the floor.