UFC 156    February 2, 2013
Rashad Evans
Ed Mulholland for ESPN


The Nogueira name invokes images of world-class grappling, but the truth is Antonio Rogerio Nogueira has been a boxer first and foremost in the UFC. I don't see that changing against Rashad Evans. Nogueira doesn't have a lot of "moves," per se. He's active with a counter jab, but it's more of a range finder and disrupter to his opponent's rhythm than anything else. His best weapon is that left cross, which he throws at a high frequency. He's not real fast, but he's accurate, kind of awkward and has knockout power. Evans is a far superior athlete, though, and throws more combinations. He shouldn't have much trouble taking Nogueira down, either, where, despite that Nogueira name, Evans will be very comfortable working on top.